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We have helped power and utility management develop and implement a wide variety of strategies.  Whether enterprise-wide or simple departmental strategies our approach is the same:  team with management and selected stakeholders to create a robust set of strategic options based on a collaborative process supported by proven analysis and risk management techniques.

To build resiliency into any potential strategy and to help management better understand risk, we facilitate debate within the team to identify strengths, weaknesses and impacts of the strategy vis-à-vis with the anticipated business climate.  For each strategy option selected, we utilize detailed stochastic models to estimate accretive value and the potential impact on income, cash flow and the balance sheet as well as identify both the magnitude and direction of the key drivers of strategy uncertainty.  Finally, we work with management to develop a sensible implementation timeline based on the scale of change and the maturity of the organization.


Some recent strategy engagements include:

  • Generation plant power up-rate – Facilitated decision process for a nuclear plant up-rate versus the alternative of a new plant build.  Work focused on developing a detailed understanding of the potential value, risk and uncertainty of a variety of options as well as estimating the local economic impacts of each alternative.

  • T&D outsourcing – Worked with a C-level management team on the development of an outsourcing strategy.  Work included facilitating management’s understanding of core versus non-core processes and services, evaluation of outsource providers, modeling risk for alternate strategy outcomes, and developing a blueprint for provider service level agreements.

  • Advanced metering – Facilitating development of comprehensive strategic plans and business cases supporting the transition of commercial, industrial, and residential customers to AMR/AMI.  Our work has included development of financial and customer value proposition models to help build a better understanding of perceived value to both the regulator and the customer of time-dependent market information.


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