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Operating Performance Improvement

Drawing on our extensive operational experience from around the globe we help owners and operators identify current gaps in performance and develop strategies directed at significant performance improvement. 


Whether for power generation, transmission or distribution we believe that achieving operations excellence should focus on seven performance areas.

Our view is that any proposed change to operations should be evaluated in terms of both enhanced economic performance and risk improvement.


We define a change in risk as the potential adjustment of either likelihood or impact to asset condition, ongoing plant/field operations, maintenance, work control, and safety related to of high energy system isolation.


For either performance improvement or formal audits our personnel accomplish an operations assessment by:


  • Reviewing key control documents (strategies, policies, processes, procedures, work flows, and enabling technologies)

  • Interviewing management personnel to gain an understanding of the competency, maturity and business acumen of the management team

  • Directly observing key meetings, field and control room/dispatch operations and maintenance/work activities

  • Performing analysis of operations, maintenance, work control and outage performance data

  • Acquiring direct knowledge of asset condition and housekeeping by performing in-depth plant/field walk downs

We evaluate and analyze current performance against internal benchmark data as well as world-wide better practices across all seven areas in order to build a comprehensive view across the operation.


Our experience includes identifying issues to improve operating and financial performance for a variety of regulated and merchant power plants (nuclear, CCGT, GT, coal, and bio-fuel stations) in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Philippines, Mexico, and the Netherlands, as well as domestic and international transmission and distribution companies.


Based on identified gaps we have worked with management to identify practical improvements from simple governance changes to complex programmatic initiatives and investment projects.


For projects requiring capital investment, we have significant experience in acting as a subject matter liaison between operations and finance to develop appropriate supporting business cases, high-level project plans and implementation roadmaps.


Finally, we have worked with management to develop suitable performance metrics and dashboards to accurately record and communicate to both internal and external stakeholders.


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