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Project Management Assessment and Support

We support improving project management within operating organizations.  As a first step we suggest performing a high-level diagnostic of your organizations current state of project management proficiency and maturity.

The assessment creates a detailed scorecard of management’s performance and organization maturity against all 44 PMBOK project management sub-processes.


Organization maturity is assessed against a standardized five level model starting at Ad hoc (where success depends on individuals - not the organization) though Optimized (where the organization consistently displays an ability to share learning, rapidly respond to changes, implement quantitative based improvements, and assesses itself by measuring impacts against objectives).



Our project management / organization maturity assessment experience includes:


  • Outage planning and execution – We have assessed project management maturity for planning, scheduling, and executing outages for multiple power plants around the globe.

  • Project management/deployment assessments – We have performed project management / organization maturity assessments for an environmental retro-fit project, new solid fuel plant construction, and wind plant project close-out.


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